• My Sticker Fix for Adults Monthly Sticker Subscription
  • My Sticker Fix for Adults Monthly Sticker Subscription
  • My Sticker Fix for Adults Monthly Sticker Subscription
  • My Sticker Fix for Adults Monthly Sticker Subscription
  • A professional woman uses Postix stickers in her notebooks
  • A woman uses Postix stickers in her notebooks with journal prompts
  • A woman places a Postix sticker into her notebook
  • My Sticker Fix for Adults Monthly Sticker Subscription
  • My Sticker Fix for Adults Monthly Sticker Subscription

My Sticker Fix for Adults Monthly Sticker Subscription

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If you thought stickers were just for kids, think again! My Sticker Fix for Adults pack is one of our most popular sticker club packs loved by a global community of sticker-lovers and for good reason.

Here's why you won't want to miss out:

🌟 Our adult sticker club packs are designed for adults who love fun, cute, cheeky, mature, abstract, modern and creative stickers for their personal and professional lives. So whether you're a crafty person or just love decorating your journal, planner, or scrapbook, our pack has got you covered.

🌟 But it's not just about the stickers - it's about the mindful moments you can create with stickers too! Our stickers are a fun and easy way to inject personality into your everyday life. We'll send you ideas each month for fun sticker activities.

🌟 And let's talk about value - for only £15 a month, you'll get over £25 worth of stickers and free postage! That's a steal.

🌟 Plus, our adult pack makes the perfect gift for your bestie or loved one. Show them you care with a subscription that will bring a smile to their face every month. And best of all, you can get together for a crafternoon!

🌟 Our subscription is super flexible - you can pause, switch, or cancel your subscription anytime. We understand that life can be unpredictable, and we want you to have complete control over your sticker journey.

🌟 And did we mention that our adults pack ships on the 4th of every month? So you'll never have to wait long to get your hands on the latest stickers and explore new ways to express yourself.

Why wait? Sign up for our My Sticker Fix adults pack today and experience the joy and creativity of expressing yourself through stickers. Treat yourself or make it a gift for your bestie - you won't regret it either way!

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Deb (Western Australia, Australia)
Love my POSTIX Sticker Subscription:

I started with the kids subscription but not long after I added the adults subscription as the stickers are very high quality, great variety, and fantastic value. I’ve found the POSTIX sticker club is one of the best, more affordable, sticker subscriptions you can get in Australia! So much happiness, colour, and great for mental health too. Love all the little pieces of artworks sent in the mail every month, with free shipping too!! Thankyou!!

Ashley Hauptmann (California, United States)

I absolutely love the sticker this month, especially all the little ones. So glad I get my subscription every month!

Judy (South Carolina, United States)

I have to say this is one of the best investments you can make. The stickers are top quality and the designs are always spot on. I have had other subscriptions that just rehash old designs. The Postix designs are always fresh and new and never disappoint. I get both subscriptions and I am very pleased with both of them. The shipping is now from the US for those of us in the US so it is fast and you always get your orders on time. They ship when they say they do and come very quickly. You cannot go wrong ordering from this company!!

Mary Graham (North Carolina, United States)
Awesome Stickers

I love the variety and the timely fashion that they show up in. It makes me happy to see I have mail from Postix. My only problem is I want some of the stickers that are scratch-n-sniff stickers for my collection because they are so cute but due to all of my migraine triggers I can't have them. Could you make those sheets in a non-scented form for people like me? Otherwise keep up the good work. I live your stickers.

Kaylene Wentz (Kentucky, United States)
Cute variety of stickers!

Great value and quality stickers! I love the variety and they’re perfect for traveling postcards!

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