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My Sticker Fix for Adults Monthly Sticker Subscription
Vanessa T. (New South Wales, Australia)
Love my monthly sticker pack

I love receiving my stickers each month. Every time I am surprised at how much I love all the stickers that have been chosen. All of the stickers are the best quality and bring a smile to my face each month.

My Sticker Fix for Adults Monthly Sticker Subscription
Lisa W (New South Wales, Australia)
Sticker love for my planner

I always have a theme for my planner spread. Postix stickers all over my pages give me so much joy and I can match sticker theme to the page theme (food, travel, dogs etc). It puts a spring in my step for the week!

Really Nice Mix, Good Value

As a revived-from-childhood sticker hoarder, I really love the mix of stickers that come in this pack! There are many different sticker types - shimmery, washi tape, glossy, matte, etc... and you get lots of sheets for the price! I have really been enjoying this subscription!

Sticker Mail Love Sticker Sheet
Gina F (New York, United States)
What’s not to love?

These are one of my favorite sheets because the details and quality are superb. I love the colors and the sweet little saying. I recently used them on some happy mail for my BFF. These are just so pretty!

Great variety

I really like this monthly subscription. The sheets are always a neat variety and different than what some sticker subscriptions usually have. The quality is amazing. I really like the flexibility of this subscription because you can pause or cancel when you wish.

Magic Garden Traveling Sticker Card 5 Pack
Trisha Jackson (Missouri, United States)
Traveling Card Pack

Great quality and cute design

80s and 90s Fun Hologram Sticker Sheet
A.B. (Texas, United States)
My favorite nostalgia sheet

This is by far my favorite nostalgia sheet of any sticker company so far! Love the throwback CDs! The sparkles! So many feels! Thank you!

Absolutely love these. I'd rather buy them then make my own! I love supporting shops that I love. I'll be buying more and maybe ask if they have a bulk price!

Absolutely love these. I'd rather buy them then make my own! I love supporting shops that I love. I'll be buying more and maybe ask if they have a bulk price!

Love the cute roller skates. The shimmery stickers are very pretty

Postix Sticker Lovers Sticker Organizing Folder
S. Queen (Florida, United States)

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!! I needed a place for my smaller sticker sheets and this binder fits them all perfectly! The Sam Jayne design is sooooo cute 😍 When it fills up, I'm gonna buy another one!

Garden Bohemia Paper Sticker Sheet
K.B. (Washington, United States)
Great for bujo

Loved this sheet to decorate one of my weekly bullet journal spreads and journal pages

Unicorn Stamps Hologram Sticker Sheet
Jasmine Huff (North Carolina, United States)
So Sparkly!

These stickers are so sparkly and enchanting. Can't wait to use them.

Rainbow Carnival Washi Tape
Deb (Western Australia, Australia)
Magical tape!

Wonderful vivid rainbow colours! My preschooler child opened the order and immediately took this tape calling it magical. Lucky there’s a whole 10m too or there wouldn’t be any left for me!! Great value and quality, thankyou!

80s and 90s Fun Hologram Sticker Sheet
Gina F (New York, United States)
Sweet Nostalgia

I love this sheet so much because it has so many things from childhood that I have yet to see all in one place! Its so fun and almost too cute to use. I love it!!

Rainbow Sky Adventures Traveling Sticker Card 5 Pack
@cindystickerlove (New Jersey, United States)
Favorite TPC!

I love this TPC over all others because of its brightness, the rainbow design and the large area for sticker bombing! Adorable.

Super cute

Loved this binder. Super cute and already have it filled up!


Cute faces and great scent!

Smells great!

I love the design of these stickers. And the honey scent is perfect!

Such cute stickers!

Adorable stickers and great quality! Love it!

My Sticker Fix for Adults Monthly Sticker Subscription
Katherine Jacobson (Minnesota, United States)

Absolutely love postix and look forward to my subs ea mo!

Stickers for me!

My name is Paula, and I am a sticker addict. These stickers are lovely and great quality. I got the sticker holder to keep all of these in and it is just perfect for storing them and gives me the opportunity to flip through them all!

Postix Night Magic Sticker Organizing Folder
Judy (South Carolina, United States)

These books are the best storage system for the Postix sticker sheets. They hold a lot and the refill pages
are available also. I love the cover design - I have four of these books that are completely full and I have extra pages in
each one. On to purchase another one!!!

Rainbow Sticker Mail Glitter Sticker Sheet
Cait (Texas, United States)

I love a meta sticker sheet and this one is colorful and bright and fun! A great addition to the February subscription packs.

Patchwork Garden Glitter Sticker Sheet
Cait (Texas, United States)
putting me in the mood for March

This patchwork sticker sheet from the February subscription packs is getting me ready for March. The vibes are "spring showers" and it's very sweet.

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