After reviewing your application we will place you into one of two categories: Postix Inner Circle or Postix Partner.

    To qualify for the Inner Circle you will need to be a loyal customer and/or a contributing member of our sticker community.


    After being assigned to an ambassador group you can start using your unique discount code to share with people who you think would love our stickers and sticker products.

    You'll also have a dashboard to see your successful referrals and manage your payouts.

Earn Incentive Unique discount code Use on subscriptions
Postix Inner Circle

Earn 20% on each order or 25% if they are a new customer.

Customer gets 10% off their order, unlimited uses per customer.

Postix Partner

Earn 10% on each order or 15% if they are a new customer.

Customer gets 5% off their order, unlimited uses per customer.


I get it! It's not always nice to feel like you're trying to sell something or being sold to. But if you're authentic and have true love for the product then it will come across. It helps if you can showcase a recent purchase you made and link to the site with your discount code.

It's common for ambassadors to add their discount code to their Instagram profile. You can also share your discount code on social media platforms with groups that you think would be interested. Ultimately, do what ever feels natural and comfortable to you. There's no pressure from us.

Yes you can!

No you don't. Take it at your own pace and don't feel pressured to sell.

For sure! Being in the inner circle tier isn't about making more money, it's about showing that you really love Postix!

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