Spreading joy through stickers

life happens, stickers help

Hi, I'm Steph, the founder of Postix Sticker Club, and a lifelong sticker fan. I remember the joy of collecting stickers as a kid and the excitement of discovering new designs each week at local shopping centre.

That's why I wanted to bring that same experience to kids today while catering to the biggest user of stickers - adults like me! Whether you're five years old or 55 years young, I believe stickers can be enjoyed by everyone. I now run Postix with my husband Ben and operate our of Sydney and San Diego.

But it's not just about stickers for us; it's also about the mental health benefits that come with them. My aim is to create a community of sticker lovers who can swap, collect, and use stickers to communicate the old-fashioned way - through snail mail. Let's step away from technology and embrace the simple pleasure of receiving something special in the mail.

Together, we can make the world a happier, more colourful place, one sticker at a time!

Emptying the mail bag

  • Check us out in Feb 2023's Sydney Observer mag

    Check us out in Feb 2023's Sydney Observer mag

    We're featured on page 40 of February 2023's Sydney Observer magazine, click through to read the article.   

  • Featured in North Sydney Living

    Featured in North Sydney Living

    We're happy to represent our subsurb in this article in North Sydney Living. Read the article here.

  • Featured in MamaMag

    Featured in MamaMag

    We are delighted to have been featured in a MamaMag article on stickers being motivating for kids. Read the article here.

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Ready to join the sticker club?

I'd love you to check out our sticker club. You can stay for one month, or one year, it's up to you. You can also send feedback to me on you're experience to help learn and grow.

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