Sticker Challenge! Create a Sticker Mosaic

Did you know we design all our sticker sheets to have fun and funky backgrounds? You can cut the backgrounds into some shapes for bonus stickers!

Or make it a mindful moment and create a mosaic piece like this. Check out below for details.



💗 Cut a piece of card board into a square, approximately 15x15cm.

💗 Find sheets with backgrounds that will compliment each other. Don’t forget to add in some hologram ones!

💗 Cut the sticker backgrounds into triangles of all different shapes and sizes.

💗Will take around an hour to complete!

💗Share your designs with us!

Sticker mosaic

Watch our video below to see our mosaic card being made.

Get stuck in this sweet sticker challenge and share your designs with us on insta with #postixstickerchallenge.