Sticker Challenge! Create a Sticker Kaleidoscope

Make your own sticker mandala! We’re obsessed with abstract shapes and designs and used many of our April and May 2021 Lady On The Go stickers for this design. This works best if you have four sheets of the same sticker. Checkout how to make your own below.

💙 With a square sheet of paper, make the half way point of each side. The rule down the middle to divide the paper into four.

🧡Select stickers which have a similar colour scheme, theme or design.

❤️ Place a sticker in the same spot in each quadrant to build up your design.

Get stuck in this sweet sticker challenge and share your designs with us on insta with #postixstickerchallenge.  

Stickers featured:

Abstract Art A6 Sticker Sheet

Abstract Flowers A6 Sticker Sheet