How to Craft the Ultimate Happy Mail Experience!

Sending happy mail is a delightful blend of mindfulness, creativity, and pure joy for both the sender and the lucky recipient.  

We asked our sticker community for their tips to shape this guide on how to curate the happiest of happy mail experiences!

1. Personal Touch

When it comes to all things stickers and sticker-adjacent, there are no rules. It's all about adding your personal touch to the experience and curating something that the recipient will love.  

2. Quantity of Stickers

One of the most common questions is how many stickers should be included in a happy mail swap.

Our stickies say to aim for at least three top-quality sticker sheets that resonate with the recipient's tastes. 

More is always welcome, but it's the thought behind the selection that truly matters. 

3. Selecting Stickers

Asking the recipient about their preferred themes or styles is a thoughtful gesture. This way, you can also find out if they have any likes or dislikes. 

Alternatively, you can curate a surprise selection of stickers you think they'll love. If you take this approach, playing it safe when selecting the sticker themes and styles is best.

For instance, scratch-and-sniff stickers may trigger allergies or cause sensory issues, so they are best avoided unless you know the recipient well enough. 

4. Quality Control

When curating the selection of stickers from your collection, our stickies suggest only including pieces that you would be happy to receive yourself. Of course, everyone's tastes are different, but if you aim for at least three core quality pieces that bring you joy, your recipient will likely love them too. 

Unless the recipient requests, our stickies also say to avoid anything that is too old and has lost its sticky charm, merit stickers, planner stickers and anything with loose glitter particles.  

5. Personal Note

Including a note helps add a touch of warmth to the experience. Some stickies like to make personalised cards, and others like to keep it short and sweet with a message on a small piece of paper.

If you're not sure what to say on the note, you can tell the recipient a little about your home town or your interests. Check out our Happy Mail ice breaker sheet free download as something fun you can include. 

6. Extra Surprises

This is where you can really level up your happy mail. Adding in little pockets or mini envelopes that you make or up-cycle can create a real surprise and delight experience for the recipient. Who doesn't want more cute envelopes to open?!

The pockets or envelopes can include any mailable treasures such as fun paper clips, tea bags, bookmarks or even your note card and some sticker flakes. 

Passing on other stationery pieces like samples of decorative writing paper, or pieces of ephemera like ribbon or inspirational cards can also be fun. If your recipient likes travelling postcards, you can include some too

7. Decorate the envelope

Don't over look the envelope! This is something the recipient may treasure too! It's also one of the most joyful parts of the whole happy mail experience.

You can personalise this to the recipient's taste, make it in your own aesthetic or just cover it in as many stickers as you can. Adding washi tape and decorative labels can help add extra colour and fun to the envelope.


8. Saying thank you

This a person preference on whether you send a follow up thank you message to the sender but it's almost implicit in any happy mail swap that the recipient was grateful for their burst of colour in their letterbox. 


By infusing your happy mail with creativity, thoughtfulness, and personalised touches, you're sure to create a memorable experience that brings smiles and joy to its recipient.

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