Five ways to use your Christmas stickers

Christmas may feel like a hectic time of year. But a good way to relax and ease the stress is to get together with friends and have a Christmas crafternoon! These are a few fun ways you can use your Christmas stickers.

#1 Make your own sticker wrapping paper

This works best for presents with flat surfaces such as items in boxes or books.

Simply grab a sheet of white printing paper in A3 or A4 size and wrap the present first. The start adding the stickers working diagonally from bottom left to top right to set up an even spacing. Then work from top left to bottom right with the same spacing. You can then fill in the sides. This should help you get an even spread with a natural looking scatter rather than anything too grid-like.

We’ve used our Woodland Christmas Sticker Sheet in this design as the stickers are gloss but flexible so they wrap around the edges of the paper nicely.


#2 Decorate some ornaments

We found some clear ornaments at the local $2 store which we instantly knew they’d get “stickerised”! We’ve also used our Woodland Christmas sticker sheet as they handle the curves of the baubles nicely. But to be honest, we think some non-Chistmas stickers would look amazing on some baubles too!


#3 Spice up your gift tags

Don’t settle for generic store bought gift tags! Make your own for a personalised touch. You can buy plain gift tags cheaply from places like Target and $2 stores.

We’ve used our 3D White Christmas sticker sheet as the designs look hand-draw and pop from the page.


#4 Make your own Christmas cards

There’s something extra thoughtful about giving a handmade Christmas card. Single stickers can have a classic, minimal design, or try a symmetrical design for some balance and fun. You can find plain cards from craft stores or places like Kmart.

We’ve used our glossy 3D Ornament sticker sheet here as they’re elegant, have a soft smooth feel and feature classic designs. They’re not over the top, they’re not plain, they’re just right.


#5 Decorate your planner

Stickers and journals are a match made in heaven. It’s therapeutic to decorate a page and inspires you to be organise.

If you’re not into journaling or keeping a diary, why not treat yourself to one for Christmas and start in the new year? Writing things down is a proven way to get things done, stay organised and help you achieve your goals. Plus, it’s a perfect excuse to use all your stickers.

We’ve featured out Kittens n Mittens designs here.