We’re heading back to the 80s!

We love the 80s (the Postix logo colours are a nod to that 80s charm), so we designed a nostalgic sticker sheet filled with all things 80s for you to colour-in.

Designs back then were often clean, simple and geometric. If you didn’t live through the 80s, you may have missed out on rad things like mix-tapes and ghetto blaster.

Not sure what colours to use? The 80s was an era of bright and bold colour schemes. Think hot pink, neon blue, fluro green and bright yellow. A palate combo of purple, black, hot pink and neon blue is also a hallmark of the times.

We like to colour in with Sharpies, but our sticker sheets are designed to handle any good texta or pencil.

Be sure to share your designs with us on Instagram using #postixstickers