Want to be pen-demic pals? 💌

Did you ever experience the delight of getting a letter from a pen-pal as a kid? The best ones were written on scented paper with a glitter pen, sticker-embellished, and typically started with the phrase “Sorry I haven’t written in ages!”

If you have kids who are out of school because of Covid-19 or just spend way too much time on their phones, then get them to send snail mail to their friends or grandparents. It's also a unique way to connect with your circle of friends as we take part in social distancing. 

Here’s three ideas on how to get creative with the letters.

Write a letter that features a sticker bomb
A what you ask? A sticker bomb is a collage of random stickers layered until the whole surface is covered. You can make it more fun for the receiver by including a list of stickers they need to find in the scene.

Include a little gift
Including a token gift is always fun for the receiver, and can be something you have at home already. Flat items like a sachet of hot chocolate, a balloon, stickers, cosmetic samples or sticks of gum make for a sweet gift. Or get creative and make old school friendship bracelets or handmade bookmarks.

Make it a double envelope letter
If you have something extra to send, include it in an extra envelope to make it a nice surprise reveal for the receiver. This could be a favourite recipe, some photos or a coded letter they need to solve.