Three tips to make the most of your stickers

Tip #1 – Enjoy using them!

It’s tempting to hold back from using your stickers and wait for that perfect idea or project to come along. And we totally get it. Once you’ve stuck that sticker down there’s no going back! 

But sometimes that moment of inspiration never strikes us or we just don’t feel like we want to depart with our most prized stickers.

With a subscription, there will always be some new favourites just around the corner. So why not put your stickers to good use and see how they brighten your, or someone else’s, day!

If you want to store your stickers, keep them nice and flat in a draw or in a sticker storage folder. 


Tip # 2 – Get creative with them

Find creative ways to use your stickers. Planners and notebooks are a natural home for stickers. But there’s lots of other fun ways you can use your new stickers.

From making your own wrapping paper, jazzing up recyclable cups and paper at your next picnic or even just decorating you home office or study storage.

Tip #3 – Start a planner or journal

Nerd alert – it’s scientifically proven that getting your ideas and goals down on paper will increase your chances of achieving them by 40%. That’s a huge reason to start journaling or noting down your ideas. 

You can make your own to-do list or buy a planner and use stickers as a source of inspiration to help you to tick things off your list, get organised and stay positive every day.