Five journaling tips for busy ladies on the go

There’s so many mental and physical benefits to journaling. Journaling can help reduce stress and anxiety as you’re either expressing any pent-up negative energy or just taking the time to be mindful and creative. 

But we often hear people say that staying on top of your journaling can be challenging and sometimes feel like a chore.

We understand - a blank page can be overwhelming and you may feel you need to add to it everyday. Of course, you don’t need to put that pressure on yourself when our lives are so busy.  

So here’s five tips to keep yourself motivated and your pages filled.

1. Understand your journal's purpose

If you’re new to journaling it’s good to have an idea of your journal’s purpose. Are you journaling to record each day’s events to reflect on? Or are you doing it to improve your writing? If you understand why you’re keeping your journal in the first place, you’ll have even more reason to return to it frequently. 

2. Take your journal and a few stationery supplies with you

If you have some time to fill while waiting for public transport or an appointment, whip out your journal and start writing or drawing. It’s amazing how quickly the time will pass.

If your journal is too big to carry around, take a small notebook (blank or lined) so you can stick it into your journal later with some sweet washi tape or stickers.

3. Get creative with your pages (yes, with stickers!)

Depending on what you’re journaling about, sticking-in interesting or inspiring drawings, cards or paper you find can really help bring life to your journal. If you’re keeping a travel journal, save any tickets from places you visit and stick them in.

There’s some seriously amazing people out there who draw and decorate amazing spreads. But don’t stress if you’re not at their level of drawing or about making the perfect layout all the time. It takes patience and practice. Our drawing skills aren’t the best either, so we let stickers do some of the talking for us. 

4. Give yourself a journaling deadline 

This may sound counterintuitive to the creative process but you’d be amazed at how a deadline can help boost your thought process and you’ll be coming out with many ideas. If you’re flowing with ideas, then write down a list so you have some prompts to return to later.

5. Get the right pens and pencils for the job

One easy way to keep turning to the pages of your planner or journal is a pen that’s right for you. Different pens on different paper can make your handwriting look either neat or really messy.

Find a pen or pencil that compliments your penmanship or drawing style. Rollerball or felt pens may allow for a smooth stroke on the page but you’ll avoid any smudging with a ballpoint pen. Hit up a shop and find a pen that works for you, even if it means testing out a few dozen before finding the right one.