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Mystery Mix Monthly Sticker Subscription
Caitlin (Victoria, Australia)
Mystery Mix Sticker Subscription

I am loving the variety of stickers that I receive each month. I can't wait to find my little package in the mail!

Simply the best

Ok. I am a self confessed sticker addict. Out of the countless subscriptions I have had over the years, one stands out....Postix. The designs are amazing and ecclectic and have a broad interest area; the quality is outstanding; and the cost is really very reasonable. Best of all. They are Australian.

Keep up the awesome Work. You have a customer for life here❤️

Mystery Mix Monthly Sticker Subscription
Maria Julieta Garcia Cuervo (New South Wales, Australia)

Hi!! Very happy to be surprised with those lovely stickers!! They brought me joy! 😊

Rainbow Fox Friend A6 Washi Sticker Sheet
Jodi Gerardis (New South Wales, Australia)
Absolutely in love!

This sticker sheet is just gorgeous. The fox is just adorable and the washi is so delicate it gives just that extra specialness to the stickers.

Mystery Mix Monthly Sticker Subscription
Michelle Brown (South Australia, Australia)

It was great as usual

My Sticker Fix Monthly Sticker Subscription
Christine (Texas, United States)
Super fun subs

The subscription brightens my mailbox every month! Love the variety of designs.

Balloon Buddies A5 Sticker Sheet
Charis (Victoria, Australia)
So sweet!

This is one of my favourite sticker sheets in the whole wide world. Animals flying with balloons. I mean really. I have ordered this sheet on several occaisions (I always like to have one whole sheet hoarded somewhere safe) especially when Stephanie has her wonderful sales. I just cant help myself. I adore the illustrated animals and the colours and it's great quality :-)

My Sticker Fix Monthly Sticker Subscription
Harvey (Queensland, Australia)
Cute and quality

Love these stickers so much. They’re charming, clever and super cute. The packaging is adorable too. Will be subscribing again when I can 💗🌻

My Sticker Fix Monthly Sticker Subscription
Lisa P (Queensland, Australia)
Excellent monthly Happy Mail

Signed up to Postix after cancelling the American subscription I had.
Great value, so many different themes and all come in a bright, fun card envelope - and in great time too!

My Sticker Fix Monthly Sticker Subscription
Tink (Queensland, Australia)
OMG A Sticker Fanatics Must Have Subscription

If you have ever thought of having a sticker subscription then this is the one to have. Month after month of creativity delivered to your door!

These stickers are of exceptional quality and they are Aussie! Get in there and support this amazing small business ❤️❤️❤️

Busy Field Mice A6 Sticker Sheet
alison (Queensland, Australia)
Mice Family

Great quality, one of my favourite sticker sheets.

Playing in the Rain Square Sticker Sheet
alison (Queensland, Australia)
Rainy Day

Lovely design and great quality sticker.

Wise Magic Owls A6 Sticker Sheet
alison (Queensland, Australia)
Cute Owls

Great quality and beautiful colours and designs.

Winter Fox Friends A7 Sticker Sheet
Kate Barsha (California, United States)

Super sweet little fox sheet!

Sweet Dreams A6 Sticker Sheet
T.B. (Indiana, United States)
Perfect for Winter Doldrums!

I have a few of this sheet as they are perfect to add to winter Happy Mail! With the gloomy winter weather, these are perfect reminders to use this downtime to relax & unwind. Plus, it is so true....If you love them, let them sleep!

Camping Bears A6 Washi Sticker Sheet
Samantha MacMurray (New South Wales, Australia)
So cute!

These beautiful bears were for mum and she loved them.

Fantasea A6 Sticker Sheet
Minnesota Groundhog Girl (Minnesota, United States)
So Darn Tootin’ Cute and Versatile!

I cannot have enough copies of this sheet! The snail is the cutest snail in sticker form ever. The fish with fishnet stockings! The mermaid in denim! If you think this sheet is cute, check out my other picks for the cutest, most versatile sheets to collect:
Super Girl ( an awesome sheet to send an upbeat message), Witch Way Up (lots of fun), and Princess Flamingos. They all have a similar vibe and if you like one you’ll want to look at the others.

Little Miss Stix Monthly Sticker Subscription
Charlene Reese (Illinois, United States)

I love the stickers, they are all so cute and adorable! My granddaughter loved them very much!! Thanks for creating such unique quality stickers for everyone to enjoy!!

Little Miss Stix Monthly Sticker Subscription
Christine (Texas, United States)
Fun, unique stickers

Love opening my pack every month, the stickers are fun and beautiful.

Retro Scandinavian Garden A7 Sticker Sheet
Jodi Gerardis (New South Wales, Australia)
Awesome once again!

Absolutely love these gorgeous stickers. As always, the quality and cuteness from Steph is on point. Thank you once again for an amazing experience in my sticker journey.

Scaredy Cats Square Sticker Sheet
Katherine Jacobson (Minnesota, United States)
Super cute sheet

Absolutely love postix and the amazing stickers and service.

Dachshund Days A6 Sticker Sheet
alison (Queensland, Australia)

Really great quality stickers and so cute!

The best mail to receive each month

I always loved collecting stickers when I was a little kid, when I was a teen I stopped doing it for the judgement received by others, now that I’m an adult and no longer worried about being judged I have pulled the old collection out and have started collecting again! This monthly subscription is the perfect addition to my collection and I love that the stickers included each month are stickers that you don’t just find in any shop. They’re beautifully made and the themes are so well thought out. Postix is the perfect example of what every sticker collectors dreams are made of ❤️ Thank you Steph for doing what you do!

Little Miss Stix Monthly Sticker Subscription
Anonymous (Victoria, Australia)
Strongly recommend

My daughter loves her subscribed stickers. She is so Looking forward to next month.

Festive Cats A6 Sticker Sheet
Charis (Victoria, Australia)
Such great stickers!

I am a crazy cat lady - not just with real cats it would seem but with cat stickers as well:-) I love this sheet. So cute and as always, fantastic quality. Recommended for cat fans.

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