Infuse some joy into the world

What's it about?

At Postix HQ our hippy hearts love the idea of infusing some good energy into people's lives.

We know the sticker community is all about collecting, sharing and swapping stickers with people across the globe.

And we often give freebies to customers and donate our stickers to different charities to help spread some joy.

But we wanted to give people the opportunity to pay forward some joy to a stranger.

It's a small gesture that will make someone's day.

How can I pay it forward?

If you'd like to pay it forward to a customer, add some stickers to your cart and leave a comment in the text box field that indicates which items you want to pay forward.

We'll then intuitively select which customer they'll be gifted to.

We right your name on a card so the customer knows the gift has been sent by you.

Our hippy hearts then ask the universe to send some great vibes to you both.

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