Get your goals down on paper

From simple tasks like reorganising the pantry, to making millions, everyone has goals they want to achieve. But it’s quite often that those goals are simply just dreams that we may get to one day or we just hope will happen along the way.

But did you know that you’re 40% more like to achieve your goals if you have them down in writing and update them on a regular basis?

It might seem like a naff idea to write down your goals – like something only a neurotic, overly organised person does. But there is scientific proof that writing goals down is way more affective than just dreaming and believing that you can achieve something.

And science behind it is simple. When you write your goals down, there’s a much great chance that you will remember them. If you read over your goals and update them frequently you will therefore become more focused on achieving your goals. In part, it’s about creating a new habits.

When you rely on memory, there’s a good chance your brain will discard the goal details before being stored into your long-term memory bank. And those goals will become another one of those unfulfilled dreams.

Science back tips

What’s the best way to approach goal writing? Well here are some science-backed tips on how to set and achieve your goal:

  1. Write a list of 10 things you want to achieve, no matter how big or small. Perhaps you have financial goals, fitness goals or career goals.
  2. Select one goal that means the most to you and write down three starting steps you can do to achieve the goal. For instance, if your goal is to get fit, then three action points could include: chuck out all junk food, buy new runners, book in PT sessions.
  3. Note down any additional details that are related to the action points. For instance you may write a short list of personal trainers to contact.
  4. Review your goals in a weeks time and see how you’ve progressed.
  5. Then just keep reworking and refining your goals along the way. You can give yourself deadlines if it helps. But the key is to keep checking and updating your goal list.
  6. Reward yourself along the way.

Focus on micro-goals

When you break your bigger goal down into micro-chunks it gives you a strategic and realistic approach on how to get to your end result.

As everyone knows, the journey is the reward! And when you document your journey and reach those micro-goals you’ll get a great sense of achievement.

You need visibility on your goals, so leave the list in a place they you will return to frequently. Maybe post it on your fridge or a notebook on your desk.

Plus, it’s a great excuse to go grab yourself some new and inspiring stationery – spruced up with Postix stickers of course.

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