Celebrate International Women's Day with these lady start up brands

Sunday, March 8 is International Women’s Day so for the month of March we’re celebrating what it means to be a female in 2020! We're in an age where women are getting a stronger voice, learning to support each other more as well as starting some of the most interesting and unique businesses that only a woman could create.

So we bring you a list of women-owned brands that we love and we hope they'll be your new favourite too.


As soon as we saw the images from this account, we knew we wanted to team up for a photo collaboration. Our banner image is one of her fun creations. 

Leonie is a Tassie lady who loves colour and quirky things as much as us. Check out her account to brighten your day.  

Love Haidee

Emma has a created special niche of quality, tasteful clothing for tweens and teens. 

To be honest, we wish we could buy some of her tops for ourselves as that unexpected panel print fabric at the back is just so us! Love it, we look forward to watching her collection grow. 

The Mental Load Project

Ladies, it's time to stop being the walking checklist for your family and learn effective and proven ways to share the mental load. Robyn is a Brisbane doctor who runs an online program that gives you strategies to help you achieve a true partnership.  

Her first course is launching today! Doors will be open until Friday, March 13 and anyone in the world can sign up and join.

House of Sam

Geelong lady Samantha hand creates luxury, limited edition leather items without the hefty price tag. 

Check out her POW (Power of Words) beautiful bracelets that are stamped with personalised messages, inspirational quotes, mantras or song lyrics to empower women and remind them they matter. 

Armed Jewels

Armed Jewels creates sterling silver and vermeil gold jewellery that is designed to be worn every day. They're elegant piece that also make a statement. 

Francesca from Sydney is the talented lady behind the brand and we just love her rose gold New York cuff bracelet.

Mount Henry Honey

Oh honey! We can't tell you how excited we were to get a jar of Gemma's butterscotch-like Forest red gum honey recently. Super yummy and is 100% pure honey unlike many of those super market brands.

Grab yourself a jar of these small batch honey today with its stunning label design.

The Friday People

A girl can never have too many bags. And ladies, this is one you'll both want and need. This Sydney brand makes functional and stylish bags which are perfect for the beach or a carry on bag. They're washable and come in an assortment of stylish patterns. Hmm which one to choose?


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WIN yourself a Postix sticker pack!

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